Candida is an over-infestation of yeast in the body. It can invade the brain and every tissue of the body, and it grows and lives on what you eat. It makes your body crave what it needs to grow, and rampages until you eat it. Many medications, such as steroid drugs, birth control pills, and antibiotics can increase the likelihood of a candida yeast imbalance.

Symptoms include frequent yeast, bladder or skin infections, chronic fungus such as athletes foot or thrush, allergic reaction or increased sensitivities to foods or chemicals, bowel disorders, muscle pain or weakness, and fatigue.

Conventional treatment usually includes anti-fungal drugs and antibiotics, but these in fact can increase the severity of the problem in the long term. Often, when finishing a course of antibiotics or a steroid drug, a person experiences a yeast infection. Drugs that specifically address fungus or candida destroy some of the yeast, but those not destroyed begin to colonize and become more and more drug-resistant. In a stronger state, yeasts produce toxins that attack the body’s defense system and destroy the friendly bacteria in the body so that there is no defense against the new, stronger fungus. “Solving” candida with drugs ‘stuffs’ the immediate discomfort, but causes the yeast to come back with increased strength and, over time, the yeast becomes a problem that affects every facet of life and health.

Through an effective balance of dietary changes, nutritional support, and the increase of friendly bacteria, yeasts can be brought under control within 30-60 days. In this short period of time, a new level of vitality and health will have been reached that can be maintained for a lifetime.

Our progtram works by detoxifiying in order to eliminate accumulated toxins and wastes, restore the peristaltic action of the colon, and strengthen vital organs.